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The conference theme, Orthodoxy: Dispelling Counterfeits, was inspired by 1 Corinthians 15. Through extensive sessions, our speakers focused on identifying the core tenets of orthodoxy (historic Christianity), how the orthodox worldview compares to others, why correctly understanding the Bible is essential, and the character and nature of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

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Many people seem to believe that Christianity begins and ends with making a decision to receive forgiveness for our sins, but ideas have consequences. Christianity, as with every worldview, provides a way of viewing ourselves, our world, our purpose, our relationships, our destiny, and everything in between. In this talk, we examine the Christian worldview and how it applies to several practical areas of life, including our education/work, our relationships, our finances, our politics, and our use of time. It is our hope that listeners will walk away better equipped to apply the Christian worldview to every area of life, every decision, and every encounter, to God’s glory and for their good.

Many “apostles” and “prophets” have risen up today claiming they are receiving new revelation for the church. This revelation includes teaching and practices that allegedly will enable the church to “walk in supernatural power” and “bring heaven to earth.” And they claim they are equipping Christians to operate in the spiritual gifts found in the New Testament, such as prophesying and gifts of healing. Their controversial teachings and practices have infiltrated churches and ministries throughout the world and even made their way into worship music. But, in this session, Holly will show you how these so-called apostles and prophets are counterfeits of the Bible’s historical teachings and how to recognize the difference.

Whether you are a believer or not, the sheer magnitude of evidence for the internal purity and veracity of the Old and New Testaments is unparalleled in comparison to every other work of literature. Here’s why understanding this is critical: to dismiss this evidence is to willfully be irrational. In this talk, Anna will draw distinctions comparing the miraculous nature of the Bible, the nature of textual criticism, and the complete body of evidence that bolsters the conclusion that this book is the most important study in the history of mankind.

For too long sex as been treated as an award talk, but it’s actually an expression of our entire worldview. In this session attendees (many for the first time) will learn what God’s design truly is while evaluating the competing secular sexual worldview: sex positivity. Practical tips will be given on how to navigate discussing God’s design for our bodies without shaming, but firmly rooting in truth. Attendees will leave with practical tips and encouragement to speak boldly and with grace on one of God’s most precious blessings.

Books, movies, and even comics depict heaven as all white and a place where we’ll sport halos and flightless wings while we lounge on clouds, strum harps, and sing nonstop. That’s a place many find unappealing. But what does the Bible really teach about heaven?

Jesus prayed for his followers to be one. Yet today, the Hesburgh Libraries’ World Christian Database counts 9,000 Christian denominations. How can we pursue unity with those who hold to essential Christian doctrines, but express opinions about some Scriptural matters that clash with ours?

Many people today talk about my truth and your truth, but what is the truth? Do all paths lead to God, as long as we’re sincere and committed to our truth? How can we test the spirits, as the apostle John exhorted us, in order to know what is from God and what is not? In this session, we will discuss how to evaluate truth using three areas of study: logic, history, and cosmology. We will compare several claims of different religions and worldviews, and learn to test them so that we may know what is true and become better equipped to recognize truth from falsehood when we encounter different ideas.

Examining the differences between orthodox Christianity and cults claiming to be Christian. How to analyze and understand the nature of the cult’s “other Jesus.” How to recognize and explain the biblical reasons why the cult’s Jesus’ identity is counterfeit. Focus on the message of the cross and how cults reject the cross because it’s “offensive.” Finally, putting the focus on the real Jesus of the Bible and defending our faith.

The truth will cost you something. What are you willing to pay? In a world where cancel-culture is the threat looming overhead like Damocles’ sword, how do we as Christians shore up our faith in what is true and right? When the world demands a bowed knee to the gods of our day, how do we respond? In this talk, Kelli will remind us that the truth is worth the potential losses and inspire you to raise your families to live for an audience of One. She will show how we can fight the spiritual battles by not mistaking ignorance for innocence. Come and be reminded that in this war for souls, we must never give up ground for the sake of the world’s approval or applause.

There is a methodology behind reading any book. The process of interpretation is not a free-for-all, and the Bible is no exception. In this talk, Anna will walk you through the interplay between hermeneutics and exegesis, how to be successful at applying each one, and how to avoid the major pitfalls of “narcigesis” and “eisegesis”. You will then be well-equipped to answer anyone who might argue that your analysis of Scripture is “only your interpretation.”

Memorizing longer passages of Scripture can be invaluable to your knowledge of Christianity, your personal spiritual growth, and your love for God—and you don’t have to be a genius to do it! In this workshop, Amy will describe the benefits of memorization, give practical tips for memorizing, and help you develop a personalized plan for memorizing your favorite chapter or even an entire book of the Bible.

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Author and Speaker at Mama Bear Apologetics


Author and Speaker


Christian Apologist at Women in Apologetics and An Affair with Reason


Christian Apologist and Speaker at Ratio Christi


Writer, Editor, & Podcaster at Stand to Reason


Treasurer and Board Member at Women in Apologetics


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Curriculum Developer at Women in Apologetics

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