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An Indefensible Faith: Another Review of Love Wins

By Sarah Flashing There is no shortage of reviews on Rob Bell’s recent book Love Wins, so I am almost apologetic for writing another. But it is because of my work in apologetics I find myself compelled to participate in the conversation. My concerns go beyond his conclusions on matters of heaven, hell,

Every Woman an Apologist

By Judy Salisbury  As the founder of Logos Presentations, I often have been asked my thoughts regarding women in Christian apologetics. I’ve been told that there aren’t many “out there” and that women just aren’t interested in actively defending the Faith. Well, I beg to differ. There are many Christian

Can a Christian Be Demon Possessed?

By Dwayna Litz The Bible assures us that it is impossible for a Christian to be possessed by demons. In considering whether or not a Christian can be demon possessed, we have to know what the Bible teaches about God’s work in salvation—a supernatural regeneration of someone’s heart as miraculous

The Importance of Teaching Apologetics to Children

By Marilyn Tyner “Today our kids have many doubts based on what’s being crammed down their throats,” states Bob Botsford, pastor of Horizon Christian Fellowship. “Doubt is trying to pin them to the mat like in a wrestling match.”1 Early in life, children are bombarded with mixed messages about God,

Thinking Outside the “Women Box”

By Melissa Cain Travis It surprises many people to hear that my ministry work rarely involves exclusively female audiences. I think there’s a pervasive (and mistaken) assumption that women working in any theology-related field are (naturally!) active in women’s ministry. The truth is, the vast majority of the teaching and

Five Reasons We Know God Wants Christian Women to Do Apologetics

By Tricia Scribner God has commanded us as women not only to share that we believe in Jesus Christ but also the reasons why. Here is some evidence in scripture that God has called women to learn and share the evidential reasons for believing in Christianity, which is the ministry of apologetics. Think

Why Should the Atheist be Faithful in Marriage?

By Melissa Cain Travis One week before I graduated high school, the film Bridges of Madison County hit theaters. For an 18-year old girl with a bit of a crush on the gravelly-voiced Clint Eastwood, a plotline that included a whirlwind romance and life-long unrequited love was a recipe for
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