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Does God Exist: Responding to the Critics

By Dianna (Newman) Williams Over the entire course of human history, the question of God’s existence has always been man’s concern. When we look over the landscape of ideas, it’s clear that there have been cultures that simply assumed the truth of his existence without serious concern for proving it;

Discovering God Through Stories

By Gretchen Passantino Coburn I love stories. I become lost in other people’s worlds. I devour good fiction voraciously, returning to the same wonderful story again and again, marveling each time at the tantalizing power of human creativity. Truly wonderful characters become almost as real to me as people in

What an Apologist’s Job is NOT

By Melissa Cain Travis A year or so into my grad school work, I tentatively assumed the role of public apologist. The landmark day was in the summer of 2010, when I instituted this blog to formally make myself available to both believers and non-believers struggling with questions about the

Divinely Blinded

By Judy Salisbury When reviewing the Emmaus account in Luke 24, many people seem to have the same nagging question. Why didn’t those two downcast disciples of Jesus (Yeshua) recognize Him immediately when He happened upon them? I imagine we could agree that immediate recognition surely would have saved them, at the very

Why Belief in God is a Rational Position

By Claudia Kalmikov As a Christian, the thought of my life without God in it is horrifying. A life without God would mean there would be no transcendent being who is good that I can rely on, who cares about the details of my life, who gives me purpose or
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