Every Woman an Apologist

By Judy Salisbury

 As the founder of Logos Presentations, I often have been asked my thoughts regarding women in Christian apologetics. I’ve been told that there aren’t many “out there” and that women just aren’t interested in actively defending the Faith. Well, I beg to differ. There are many Christian women, some of whom may have never heard of the word “apologetics” before, who fulfill the role of effective apologists.

While there may not be lecture hall after lecture hall filled with eager female apologists, many homes, businesses, family events, and even a few Starbucks, are. They are found in the mom who wants to make sure she’s the one who leads her children to the Lord and answers their spiritual questions instead of her goddess-worshipping neighbor down the street—whom she can refute, by the way, as soon as the woman opens her mouth. They are found in that business woman who searched the Internet for books on the validity of the Bible to answer her hostile coworker’s challenges. She is found on her doorstep, standing strong and defending the Deity of Christ to the friendly, door-to-door cultist.

Female apologists are found in many a pastors’ wife, who passionately and graciously makes the case for Christ alone as the source of salvation and strength to those who turn to her daily. Yes, the female apologist is even found having coffee with her old friend who’s just lost her husband to cancer and needs an answer to the question, “Where is God in pain and suffering?”

In fact, I’d even make the case that the Titus 2 woman fulfills the role of an apologist and certainly the Proverbs 31 woman must have. Verse 26 from the Amplified Version reads, “She opens her mouth in skillful and godly Wisdom, and on her tongue is the law of kindness [giving counsel and instruction].” Lois and Eunice, I doubt, would have ever referred to themselves as apologists, but they must have done something right with young Pastor Timothy, as they got a hearty thumbs-up from the Apostle Paul.

Women today sense, more than ever, that there is something terribly wrong going on in our culture, and time is of the essence. Now is the time for us to band together, offering tools designed for women specifically to help us reach the heart, soul, and mind of those individuals whom the Lord places before us. Women tend to minister to the WHOLE person, not just their intellectual side. As women, we understand the intimacy of our relationship with God. That is why my ministry and organizations such as the International Society for Women in Apologetics (ISWA) are essential to the contemporary Christian woman who wants to make a difference in her world for Christ. I am pleased to be included as one of the founding members of ISWA. As the urgency for solid materials and training grows I believe the number of women connecting through ministries like these will also grow. I’m excited to see what the Lord will do as He provides access to various resources, seminars, and conferences that will continue to equip women to minister to the whole person.

No matter what you call it, we’re all called to it. Jesus said, “Go and make disciples,” and apologetics plays a huge part. Please don’t tell me women aren’t interested in Christian apologetics or aren’t apologists at heart. As moms, daughters, wives, coworkers, and believers, we are engaged in Christian apologetics all the time. We just don’t need a sign around our necks or a label proclaiming that fact. However, we do need more appropriate resources. Sometimes it’s just the word apologetics that might intimidate some people. Let’s not forget the definition. J.P. Moreland said it best in his book, Love Your God With All Your Mind. “Apologetics is a ministry designed to help unbelievers to overcome intellectual obstacles to conversion and believers to remove doubts that hinder spiritual growth.” That’s pretty simple isn’t it? Women know this intuitively; that’s why every woman is an apologist!

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