God is in the Voice-Making Business

By Amy Davison

For the past few months, the 2020 WIA conference theme has been bouncing around the back of my head: “Find Your Voice.” This is what drew many of us into apologetics. It’s a yearning for answers to difficult questions, the praises that spill out as we come to know God better, and the passion that drives us to help our brothers and sisters to know why they believe. How I love that we can worship Him in this way!

I was able to pour out a bit of that knowledge this month when I spoke at an apologetics conference in Michigan. Being so far away (and during the school week) meant that my gorgeous husband played Mr. Mom while I got to remember what it was like to travel through airplane security kid-free. Who knew it was so fast? Coffee in hand and a hotel room to myself, I set to putting the finishing tweaks to my breakout sessions.

My teen track session was on the history and implications of the hook-up culture. I had been praying about this track for a while and was thankful to see that the first three rows filled up with spunky high school girls. I love it when breakout sessions are interactive, and as I watched these girls banter with the adults while the tech guy worked his magic with an uncooperative TV, I could tell that opening up to them wasn’t going to be a problem. I thought, thank you, Lord! This is going to be a good group.

With a prayer and the click of the PowerPoint, we spent the next 50 minutes comparing what the hook-up culture says to what God had to say about their identity and sexuality. It was amazing to watch their reactions as they saw how differently God views each person compared to how the world views individuals. Even more encouraging was how the students drank up the loving advice of the adults in contrast to the indifference you often see in teen characters in the media.

As we closed for the next session, one of the students pulled me aside. In hushed whispers, she shared that she was struggling with everything we’d talked about. She had started watching pornography when she was young and wasn’t able to stop. During high school, she began hooking up with other boys through social media for fun but now it was to combat her growing loneliness. It never helped her for long. She hadn’t realized all the lies she had bought into, but felt the weight of them daily: that her actions didn’t matter, her worth was based on how she used her body, and love was something you searched for on an app or watched in an R-rated movie.

As she poured out her heart, her fingers grazed the scars hidden beneath her shirt and sleeves. They were reminders, she said, of the times she tried to end her life so she didn’t have to face the pain anymore.

“It’s fun! Everyone’s doing it! Get in, get out, get what you want!” Her head shook as she listed everything she’d heard, all that she’d believed. “It doesn’t work. And then what you said, about how we were designed with and for a purpose… It’s just… I thought I was a Christian, but until you said that, I didn’t know that I had value.”

My heart broke for her. Here she was standing before me, and it became very real how close she had been to not being there at all. Lord, help her feel your presence! We spent the next few minutes speaking encouraging words and praying before she drifted away to the final keynote.

During that afternoon’s closing worship, I was struck anew by how God is in the “voice-making” business. He makes the weak strong and gives kingdoms to the meek. He places a peasant girl to speak before a king to save a nation and gives the Word to fisherman to win the souls of men. With a word, life began. With a shout, walls of evil crumble.

Some of us use our voices to praise in songs, like David. Others worship in dance, by painting, or by loving God with our minds (Matt. 22:37). For some, like the student I spoke with, after drawing near to God, they find their value and their voice – one they didn’t know they had! How grateful I am that He is still in the voice-making business.

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