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How I Got Started in Apologetics

By Dr. Laurel Shaler

After accepting a faculty position at a large evangelical Christian institution, I quickly began to see the tremendous benefit of integration. As time passed, I realized that my students – and the program I was helping to administrate – would be better served if I had more in-depth theological knowledge.

While I had accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior at 8 years old, and remained fairly faithful at Bible study ever since (personally and through church and other Bible study groups), I knew that I had so much to learn. After reviewing a number of program options, I settled on a Master of Arts in Theological Studies.

As I registered for my first term, I decided (against my better judgment) to go down the course list alphabetically. What should come first but Apologetics. It was not long before the challenges of this particular topic of study became apparent. Apologetics is defined by Merriam-Webster as “a branch of theology devoted to the defense of the divine origin and authority of Christianity.” This defense of Christianity is often used in tandem with evangelism.

We live in a skeptical world with individuals who crave concrete evidence for beliefs. While the Christian life is one marked by faith, the divine origin and authority can certainly be defended. While not everyone can (or should) take a graduate course on apologetics or pursue an advanced theology degree, there are many other avenues to get started.

Below are some resources to help get you started:

  • Women in Apologetics has a growing Recommended Reading list that includes work by women and men. In addition to these excellent resources, Lee Strobel’s “Case” books are very educational and enlightening for the reader wanting to learn about the evidence for Christ, God, grace, hope, and miracles. Strobel began his career as an investigative journalist before beginning his personal investigation into the existence of Jesus as the Christ. The Case for Christ was so popular that the movie was released in 2016. This book is a great place for the budding apologist to start. Another highly recommended author is Nabeel Qureshi. Nabeel was a medical doctor who converted from Islam and Christianity and wrote two New York Times Bestsellers before his death. Both No God But One: Allah or Jesus? And Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus are powerful apologetic reads.
  • Numerous reliable websites offer free educational materials on apologetics and other theology related topics. The C.S. Lewis Institute and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary are both places to start. There are others, but these will keep you occupied for a while between the 20 lecture apologetics series on the C.S. Lewis website and the dozen online courses provided by the seminary. For a paid option that is not too expensive, Biola University has a certificate in apologetics that you can earn online. Many have taken courses at Biola and the program is top-rated. 
  • Women in Apologetics. Last, but certainly not least, Women in Apologetics exists to equip, encourage, and educate women in Christian apologetics. There are numerous resources provided on our website, from blogs to educational videos and much more. Check out today!

There is so much information available that it may seem overwhelming. The above resources are a great place to start on your journey into the world of apologetics. Take it bit-by-bit, allow for time to digest the concepts, take breaks, and then dive back in—you will be glad that you pursued apologetics training. The Lord will bless your efforts in defense of the Christian faith.

Disclaimer: All views expressed by those associated with this ministry or on our platforms do not necessarily represent the opinions of Women in Apologetics, Inc. or its individual team members.

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