Ideas Have Consequences: Worldview Implications for Everyday Living | Laura Zifer Powell

Many people seem to believe that Christianity begins and ends with making a decision to receive forgiveness for our sins, but ideas have consequences. Christianity, as with every worldview, provides a way of viewing ourselves, our world, our purpose, our relationships, our destiny, and everything in between. In this talk, we examine the Christian worldview and how it applies to several practical areas of life, including our education/work, our relationships, our finances, our politics, and our use of time. It is our hope that listeners will walk away better equipped to apply the Christian worldview to every area of life, every decision, and every encounter, to God’s glory and for their good.

About Laura:

Laura Z. Powell is a Christian apologist and the founder of An Affair with Reason. Since graduating from Duke University in 1998 and from Denver Seminary in 2004, she has ministered in over twenty countries on five continents. Laura has devoted her life to fulfilling the Great Commission through a variety of roles, including her current roles as WIA’s Education Managing Editor, Senior Writer, Islam Specialist, and Secretary of the Board. Laura devotes much of her time to having spiritual conversations with atheists, agnostics, Muslims, Mormons, and Progressive Christians. Her strong background in both apologetics and public policy has given her a unique and much-needed voice for influencing the culture by engaging in the community, the universities, and in the public square. Her writing can be found at